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Early Galway, Ireland Gaillimhe castle was constructed in 1124, by the King of Connacht. The Annals of the Four Masters note that in that year “Three castles were erected by the Connaughtmen, the castle of Dun-Leodhar, the castle of the Gaillimh, and the castle of Cuil-maeile.” Following an unsuccessful week-long siege in 1230, Gaillimhe was captured […]

John Black was born in 1558 in Canongate, Midlothian,  Scotland. He died in 1650 in Edinburgh Castle, Midlothian, Scotland. John married Elizabeth Bessie Locart. Elizabeth Bessie Locart was born in 1568 in Clalore, Middle Lothian, Scotland. She died in 1641 in Canongate, Edinburgh, Scotland. The Canongate is a district of central Edinburgh, the capital city […]

John Black was born 1590 in Canongate, Midlothian, Scotland, and died 1653 in Belfast, County Antrim, Ireland . He was the son of John Black and Elizabeth Bessie Locart. He married Janet Jobsone Canongate, Midlothian, Scotland. John Black arrived in Ireland about 1619 as a colonizer in county Antrim. This was at the time of […]

John Black, born 1620, in Broughshane, Racavan, Ballymena, Antrim County. Not a lot is known about him but is said that “He was a soldier against Cromwell.” This was an uprising in 1641 of the native Irish people against the British to reclaim property that had been taken from them in earlier years. John married […]

  John Black, born 1647, in Belfast, Ireland and married Jane Eccles b 1653. He became a prominent merchant of Belfast.  As a young man, he did his merchant apprentice, which took seven years. In his last year of apprenticeship he was required to be a “supercargo,” which meant he was to travel on  board […]

  • born Belfast, UK
  • died Belfast, UK

John Black (Tertius) states in his notes of 1754 on a family visit he was pleasantly welcomed by the news of his daughter- in- law Jane Bank’s safe delivery of a baby boy by the name of  “John Black the fifth so called in a lineal discent of the eldest son in our family originally […]

      William Young Black is your 4th Great Grandfather William Young Black was born August 20, 1784 at Lisburn, Antrim County, Ireland where He spent his early years following in the footsteps of his father learning to be a hosier. When he turned seventeen he joined the British army and for the next […]

                    Jane Johnston Black was born June 11, 1801, at Lombag, Antrim County, Ireland. When her father, who was a Wesleyan Methodist minister, passed away she was sixteen years old.  Upon her father’s death she was called as a local preacher on the same circuit that […]

   Henry Alfred Harrop Lineage John E Black b 1931     Reuben E Black b 1901 d 1981         Phoebe Lorraine Harrop b 1873 d 1962             Henry Alfred Harrop b 1841 d 1918     Henry Alfred Harrop was born on 5 Feb 1841 in Mexborough, Yorkshire, England, which lies on the north bank […]

                    Sara Harrop Lineage    John E Black 1931      Reuben E Black 1901 – 1981           Phoebe Lorraine Harrop Black 1870 – 1962                Sara Harrop 1850 – 1880       In the book of family events Richard Benson of Parowan, Utah noted September […]

  “Ich bin ein Berliner”were the words spoken by John F. Kennedy in a speech he made in Berlin, Germany in 1963.  Other than ask not, they were the most-famous words he ever spoke. They drew the world’s attention to what he considered the hottest spot in the Cold War. It was fifteen years earlier […]