Crossing the Plains –

                From 1846 to 1869, 70,000 Mormons traveled accross five states to escape religious persecution. While many think that the Mormon migration occurred in one swoop across the plains in 1847, in actuality, Mormons crossed the plains from various points over a twenty-three year span. The Pioneer Company of […]

  William Young Black, son of William Black and Mary Gardiner,was born on 20 Aug 1784 in Lisburn, Antrim, Ireland, died on 28 Jan 1873 in Rockville, Washington, Utah, United States at age 89, and was buried in Rockville, Washington, Utah, United States. William married Jane Johnston on 31 Jul 1822 in Lisburn, Antrim, Ireland. […]

George Black crossed the frozen Mississippi river, along with family and others, the first day of the Mormon exodus from Nauvoo, Illinoise in 1846. After crossing the frozen river, George went to St Louis Missouri where he gained employment on a steamship that travelled from St Louis Missouri to New Orleans, Louisiana in order to […]

Henry Harrop is the father of Phoebe Lorraine Harrop Black.

  Mary Ann Jones Jacaway Bates Davis ( Susannah Jacaway Black’s Mother) Mary Ann Jones born 13 April 1817 in Maury, Tenn. Died 5 April 1905 in Raymond Alberta, Canada, Daughter of Richard Jones and Margaret Jenkins. Married (1) Fields B. Jacaway, born 2, April 1811 in Upper Alton, Madison Co, Ill. (2) just northeast […]