Henry Alfred Harrop


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John E Black b 1931

    Reuben E Black b 1901 d 1981

        Phoebe Lorraine Harrop b 1873 d 1962

            Henry Alfred Harrop b 1841 d 1918



Henry Alfred Harrop was born on 5 Feb 1841 in Mexborough, Yorkshire, England, which lies on the north bank of the River Don. Nothing is known about Henry in his early years. Records show that he became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon) church, most likely when he was in his early twenties. It was after this conversion he joined the many immigrants going to the United States and on to Salt Lake City, Utah.

The first official record of Henry was his listing on the passenger ship “Monarch of the Sea” which sailed from Liverpool England bound for the New York City in April, 1864. He was listed as being 23 years of age. Upon arrival in New York, he traveled by train to St Joseph, Missouri and on by boat to the now forgotten tent community of Wyoming, Nebraska. After a 1,000 mile treck across the plains, he arrived in Salt Lake City in September, 1864, five years before the transcontinental railroad was completed.

Soon after Henry arrived in the Salt Lake Valley he was sent to live in Parowan, Utah. Parowan was the first southern Utah settlement and the count seat of Iron County. On 23 November, 1866, Henry married Sara, an Indian, when she was 16 years old. Not much is known about Henry and Sara when they lived in Parowan. Henry made his living breeding and racing horses, After 16 years living in Parowan, Henry and Sara, along with seven children left for Taylor, Arizona. At the time of the departure, Sara was pregnant. Henry, Sara, and children arrived in Walker (now known as Taylor), Arizona in 1880.Shortly after arriving, Sara died of complications while giving birth to twin boys. Sara and the twins are buried in the Snowflake, Arizona cemetery. Not being in a position to care for the children, Henry left them with various LDS families until such time he was able to care for them.

Henry married Livara Jarvis in 1884 in Silver Creek, Navajo, Arizona, United States. The only record that exists of this marriage is a marriage certificate.

Henry then married Cynthia Erminnie Harmon on 2 Nov 1898 in Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona, United States. They moved to Colonia Juarez, Casas Grandes, Chihuahua, Mexico where, over the next seven years, Henry shared his time between Casas Grandes and Chandler Arizona, where he had a 160 acre farm. Erminnie passed away in 1905 in Mexico,

Henry passed away in Chandler, Arizona Jan 1918. He is buried in the Mesa, Maricopa cemetery.


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