John Black 1620 Broughshane, Ballymena, Ireland

John Black, born 1620, in Broughshane, Racavan, Ballymena, Antrim County. Not a lot is known about him but is said that “He was a soldier against Cromwell.” This was an uprising in 1641 of the native Irish people against the British to reclaim property that had been taken from them in earlier years. John married Miss Martin, who was born in a County Down. He was 101 years old when he died in Belfast, Ireland in 1721.

John and Miss Martin had a son John Black born 1647.


John Black, Protestant Family, Drummaul, Upper Toome, Antrim

John Black Plantation Hearth Rolls, Upper Toome, Drummaul, Ballgrooby

John Black 1669 Hearth Rolls Barony of Upper Toome, Antrim