Olof Skotkonung, King of Sweden, b 980









Olof  Skotkonung, King of Sweden, was born before 980 in Uppsala, Sweden and succeeded his father in 995.  He died in Nov 1022 in Kronoberg, Örebro, Sweden. Olof married Estrid of the Obotrites,  Legend says that Estrid was taken back to Sweden from a war in the West Slavic area of Mecklenburg as a war-prize. She was most likely given by her father, a tribal chief of the Polabian Obotrites, as a peace offering in a marriage to seal the peace




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John Edward BLACK b.1931


Olof SKÖTKONUNG King of Sweden b.980




Olof SKÖTKONUNG King of Sweden is the 32nd great-grandfather of John Edward BLACK.


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Olof SKÖTKONUNG King of Sweden


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Olof SKÖTKONUNG King of Sweden b.980

Anna Ingegard PRINCESS OF SWEDEN b.1001

Anne Yaroslavna of Kiev RURIK b.1030

King Philip I “The Fair” CAPET of France b.1052

Louis Vi  King of the Franks b.1081

Peter I OF COURTENAY b.1126

Countess Alix DE COURTENAY b.1160

Queen Isabella OF ANGOULÊME Queen of England b.1186

Henry III PLANTAGENET King of England b.1207

Edmund PLANTAGENET b.1245

Henry PLANTAGENET 3rd Earl Of Lancaster b.1281

Eleanor PLANTAGENET Countess of Arundel b.1318

Alice FITZALAN b.1352

Lady Eleanor  de Holland b.1370

Joan CHERLETON b.1358

Arnold Ii ST. LEGER b.1378

John de SAINT LEGER , Sheriff Of Kent b.1399

Philippa de ST. LEGER b.1430

Reynold John DE PYMPE b.1448

Anne PYMPE b.1460

Elizabeth GUILDFORD b.1490

Elizabeth ISLEY b.1508

Henry HILL b.1530

Elizabeth HILL b.1560

Mary BUCKETT b.1602

John SOULE Sr. b.1632

John SOULE Jr. b.1675

Sarah SOULE b.1703

Samuel SNOW b.1729

Samuel SNOW Jr b.1752

Ebenezer SNOW b.1784

Bernard SNOW b.1822

Minnie SNOW b.1869

Mary Beatrice DASTRUP b.1902

John Edward BLACK b.1931