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[This post is published posthumously in the exact draft form that it was found – Joseph, September 29, 2021]     “Ich bin ein Berliner”were the words spoken by John F. Kennedy in a speech he made in Berlin, Germany in 1963.  Other than ask not, they were the most-famous words he ever spoke. They […]

                        Mary Beatrice Dastrup, born 14 May 1902 in Sigurd, Sevier, Utah, United States; died 20 Nov 1984 in Provo, Utah, Utah, United States; buried 24 Nov 1984 in Richfield, Sevier, Utah, United States, daughter of John Dastrup and Minnie Snow.  She married Cyril […]

                  Mack and I are 2nd cousins. John Dastrup was my grandfather and Mack’s grandfather was Jacob Dastrup. We were inseparable when we were growing up and always viewed each other as brothers. Working in the fields, accompanying each other to church and school, swimming together in […]

        JOHN BLACK,  1ST GENERATION     JOHN BLACK 2ND GENERATION   REUBEN BLACK – Reuben was born in Lehi (Mesa),Arizona. When he was a young man his family moved to Utah. His first job was going door to door selling Maytag washing machines. He later got a job with U.S. Gypsum […]

                      Growing up in Sigurd Utah meant that you were pretty well on your own when it comes to medical care. There were only a few doctors and no hospital until the beginning of World War II. Most medical treatments took place in your home […]

                      Bernard Snow, son of Ebenezer Snow (1784 – 1867) and Polly Hayes (1788 – 1854), was born 22 January 1822 at Pomfret, Windsor County, Vermont; he died at the age of 71 on 22 February 1893 at Weiser, Washington County, Idaho, and was buried […]

                Staff Sergeant Active Duty Military Service: 1948 to 1952 Sergeant First Class: Idaho National Guard: 1954 to 1962 Chief Warrant Officer U. S. Army Reserve 1962 to 1970   Basic Training at Fort Ord, California I joined the army right after World War II ended. I was 17 years. […]

                    Jane was born in Ireland. She married William Black Jr. in 1822 and together they had four children. In 1834, the family moved to Manchester England for work. It was there they heard the Mormon Missionaries. They joined the church in 1839. William went on […]

                    John Dastrup was born on 18 Feb 1867 in Moroni, Sanpete, Utah. He died on 8 Feb 1946 in Richfield, Sevier, Utah. He was buried on 12 Feb 1946 in Richfield City Cemetery, Richfield, Sevier, Utah. He Married Minnie Snow, daughter of Bernard Snow and […]

                              Charles “The Hammer” Martel was the Grandfather of Emperor Charlemagne and was the defacto King of the Franks, predecessor state of modern France and Germany, from 737-741. Officially he was Duke and Prince of the Franks. He was also known […]

                          Alfred “The Great,”  King of England was born in 849 in Wantage, Oxfordshire. He died on 26 Oct 901 in Winchester, Hampshire. He was buried in 901 in Winchester  Cathedral, Winchester. Alfred married  Ealhswith Mercia Gaimai. Queen Ealhswith was born in 852 […]

                            Olof  Skotkonung, King of Sweden, was born before 980 in Uppsala, Sweden and succeeded his father in 995.  He died in Nov 1022 in Kronoberg, Örebro, Sweden.  In a Viking expedition to Wendland, Olof captured Edla, the daughter of a Wendish […]

                  Harald I “Bluetooth” was born circa 911, in Jelling, Denmark to Gorm, “the Old,” King of Denmark Gormsson, and Thyra Dannebod. He married Gyrid Olafsdottir of Sweden, who was the daughter of King Olof Björnsson of Sweden and Queen Ingeborg Thrandsdotter.and was a Swedish princess and […]

              According to the Royal House of Norway, Norwegian monarchy dates back more than one thousand years. Harald Fairhair, regarded as the first Norwegian king, united the petty kingships of Norway into a single realm in about 885. He reigned from c. 872 to 930. From the time of […]

                      Ragnar Lodbrok Sigurdsson was a Norse Viking hero and legendary king of Denmark and Sweden and is well known from Viking Age Old Norse poetry and sagas. Ragnar lived during the early early days of the Viking age. The next three ancestral tales will […]

            John Black (Tertius) states in his notes of 1754 on a family visit he was pleasantly welcomed by the news of his daughter- in- law Jane Bank’s safe delivery of a baby boy by the name of  “John Black the fifth so called in a lineal discent of the […]

Early Galway, Ireland Gaillimhe castle was constructed in 1124, by the King of Connacht. The Annals of the Four Masters note that in that year “Three castles were erected by the Connaughtmen, the castle of Dun-Leodhar, the castle of the Gaillimh, and the castle of Cuil-maeile.” Following an unsuccessful week-long siege in 1230, Gaillimhe was captured […]

John Black was born in 1558 in Canongate, Midlothian,  Scotland. He died in 1650 in Edinburgh Castle, Midlothian, Scotland. John married Elizabeth Bessie Locart. Elizabeth Bessie Locart was born in 1568 in Clalore, Middle Lothian, Scotland. She died in 1641 in Canongate, Edinburgh, Scotland. The Canongate is a district of central Edinburgh, the capital city […]

John Black was born 1590 in Canongate, Midlothian, Scotland, and died 1653 in Belfast, County Antrim, Ireland . Canongate is a section of Edinburgh. He was the son of John Black and Elizabeth Bessie Locart. He married Janet Jobsone Canongate, Midlothian, Scotland. John Black arrived in Ireland about 1619 as a colonizer in county Antrim. […]

John Black, born 1620, in Broughshane, Racavan, Ballymena, Antrim County. Not a lot is known about him but is said that “He was a soldier against Cromwell.” This was an uprising in 1641 of the native Irish people against the British to reclaim property that had been taken from them in earlier years. John married […]

  John Black, born 1647, in Belfast, Ireland and married Jane Eccles b 1653. He became a prominent merchant of Belfast.  As a young man, he did his merchant apprentice, which took seven years. In his last year of apprenticeship he was required to be a “supercargo,” which meant he was to travel on  board […]

Sarah, “The Indian Girl,” is the Mother of Phoebe Lorraine Harrop Black Stacy Julin is the great, great, Grandaughter of Sarah. In her poem she makes reference to the blanket that was “paid” for Sarah. The blanket was one of the most important possessions an Indian could have.  For an Indian, a blanket was a […]

      William Young Black is your 4th Great Grandfather William Young Black was born August 20, 1784 at Lisburn, Antrim County, Ireland where He spent his early years following in the footsteps of his father learning to be a hosier. When he turned seventeen he joined the British army and for the next […]

Jane Johnston Black Autobiography and Biography Dictated in her 87th year I, Jane Johnston Black, was born June 11, 1801, at Lombag, Antrim County, Ireland, the daughter of Daniel Johnston and Margaret Chambers. I lived at my father’s house until I was sixteen years of age when my father died. I was then called as a […]

   Henry Alfred Harrop Lineage John E Black b 1931     Reuben E Black b 1901 d 1981         Phoebe Lorraine Harrop b 1873 d 1962             Henry Alfred Harrop b 1841 d 1918     Henry Alfred Harrop was born on 5 Feb 1841 in Mexborough, Yorkshire, England, which lies on the north bank […]

  “Ich bin ein Berliner”were the words spoken by John F. Kennedy in a speech he made in Berlin, Germany in 1963.  Other than ask not, they were the most-famous words he ever spoke. They drew the world’s attention to what he considered the hottest spot in the Cold War. It was fifteen years earlier […]

              Robert I, King of Scotland, Bruce, is my 21st great-grandfather.  He was born 11 Jul 1274; died 7 Jun 1329. He married Isabella of Mar, born 1277; died 1316. Robert I, popularly known as “Robert the Bruce,” was King of Scotland from 1306 until his death in 1329. […]