John Black Notes, Berlin, Germany, 1948-1952





I would suggest you go down highway 1 to Wannsee and pull into the Anchor club just on the right as you cross the first bridge. Then work out of there to visit the Berlin Military Post Ammunition Depot and the Bridge of Spies.



Berlin Anchor Club











We had our own mess hall that supported twelve men and four Military Policemen who patrolled Lake Wannsee. On weekends we would ride along with them and share some of their interesting experiences.



The Bridge of Spies





7783rd Ordnance Ammunition Depot



When you cross back over the bridge going East , turn right just past the RR tracks on Stahnsdorfer Damm street and work your way up to what is now Waldschule Zehlendorf school. This should be where the Kaiser’s Hunting lodge is, if they have not changed it.


The large buildings to the left of the school are pistol shooting ranges that were built for the 1936 world olympics, which are still used today.





The following picture shows, what I believe to be the Kaiser’s hunting lodge.




McNair Barracks

The black circle in the following picture showed where I lived during the year I was in the US Constabulary. I lived on the second floor in a long room with about 20 other “Troopers.”


The following circles show where I lived and worked when I was Supply Sgt in the 6th Infantry Regiment. It’s the same building as I lived in during my Constabulary days, just the other side.

The circle on the right shows where I lived. I lived in a room with another person on the fourth floor. As you climb the stairs to the fourth floor and turn down the hall it was the first two person room on the left.

The circle on the left shows where the supply room I worked in was. It was the first room(s) on the bottom level facing the clock tower. I did not stand any formations so I got to see all the soldiers out on the grass doing their workouts and on Saturday I could see the parades, all from the comfort of the supply room.




 McNair Barracks, Goerzallee , Berlin, Germany (Front entrance)

Platz des 4. Juli, 14167 Berlin, Germany (Side entrance)












Andrew Barracks:

Finckensteinallee  63, 12205 Berlin, Germany

Three years before I got to Berlin, Hitler’s SS Troopers and personal guards lived in these buildings. Just as you enter the front gate you will notice a large building on your right. This building houses a large swimming pool that was built for the 1936 World Olympics.


I lived in the building just to the left of the front entrance. Hard to think back and remember just four years earlier Hitler’s SS and personal guards were sleeping in the same room.