Lineage – John Edward Black to Alfred “The Great,” King of England

King of the southern Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Wessex and one of the outstanding figures of English history, as much for his social and educational reforms as for his military successes against the Danes. He is the only English monarch known as ‘the Great’.

Alfred was born at Wantage in Oxfordshire in 849, fourth or fifth son of Aethelwulf, king of the West Saxons. Following the wishes of their father, the sons succeeded to the kingship in turn. At a time when the country was under threat from Danish raids, this was aimed at preventing a child inheriting the throne with the related weaknesses in leadership. In 870 AD the Danes attacked the only remaining independent Anglo-Saxon kingdom, Wessex, whose forces were commanded by Alfred’s older brother, King Aethelred, and Alfred himself.

In 871 AD, Alfred defeated the Danes at the Battle of Ashdown in Berkshire. The following year, he succeeded his brother as king. Despite his success at Ashdown, the Danes continued to devastate Wessex and Alfred was forced to withdraw to the Somerset marshes, where he continued guerrilla warfare against his enemies. In 878 AD, he again defeated the Danes in the Battle of Edington. They made peace and Guthrum, their king, was baptised with Alfred as his sponsor. In 886 AD, Alfred negotiated a treaty with the Danes. England was divided, with the north and the east (between the Rivers Thames and Tees) declared to be Danish territory – later known as the ‘Danelaw’. Alfred therefore gained control of areas of West Mercia and Kent which had been beyond the boundaries of Wessex.

Alfred built up the defences of his kingdom to ensure that it was not threatened by the Danes again. He reorganised his army and built a series of well-defended settlements across southern England. He also established a navy for use against the Danish raiders who continued to harass the coast.

As an administrator Alfred advocated justice and order and established a code of laws and a reformed coinage. He had a strong belief in the importance of education and learnt Latin in his late thirties. He then arranged, and himself took part in, the translation of books from Latin to Anglo-Saxon.

By the 890s, Alfred’s charters and coinage were referring to him as ‘king of the English’. He died in October 899 AD and was buried at his capital city of Winchester.

Biography of “Alfred the Great”


                                       Relationship Report


                                        John Edward BLACK


                    Alfred “The Great”  King Of England b.849



Alfred “The Great”  King Of England is the 38th great-grandfather

of John Edward BLACK.

                             Lines of Descent from

                      Alfred “The Great”  King Of England

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Alfred “The Great”  King Of England b.849

Baldwin Ii OF FLANDERS b.865      

Arnulf I  Count of Flanders b.890                      

Baldwin Iii Count of Flanders b.940                     

Arnulf Ii  Count of Flanders b.960                      

Baldwin Iv  Count of Flanders b.980                     

Baldwin V  Count of Flanders b.1012                     

Robert Le Frison OF FLANDERS b.1032                     

Gertrude OF FLANDERS Duchess of Lorraine b.1070 

Adélaide DE LEUVEN b.1090                          

Agatha Princess of LORRAINE b.1119                      

Beatrice I  Countess of Burgundy b.1143                   

Duke Philipp VON HOHENSTAUFEN b.1177                     

Maria VON HOHENSTAUFFEN b.1201                        

Mathilde DE BRABANT Comtesse d’Artois b.1224 

Blanche of Artois  Queen of Navarre b.1248 

Henry PLANTAGENET 3rd Earl Of Lancaster b.1281 

Eleanor PLANTAGENET Countess of Arundel b.1318 

Alice FITZALAN b.1352                            

Lady Eleanor  de Holland b.1370                       

Joan CHERLETON b.1358                            

Arnold Ii ST. LEGER b.1378                          

John de SAINT LEGER , Sheriff Of Kent b.1399 

Philippa de ST. LEGER b.1430                         

Reynold John DE PYMPE b.1448                         

 Anne PYMPE b.1460                              

 Elisabeth GUILDFORD b.1490                          

 Elizabeth ISLEY b.1508                            

Henry HILL b.1530                              

Elizabeth HILL b.1560                            

Mary BUCKETT b.1602                             

John SOULE Sr. b.1632                            

John SOULE Jr. b.1675                            

Sarah SOULE b.1703                              

Samuel SNOW b.1729                              

Samuel SNOW Jr b.1752                            

Ebenezer SNOW b.1784                             

Bernard SNOW b.1822                             

Minnie SNOW b.1869                              

Mary Beatrice DASTRUP b.1902                         

John Edward BLACK