JOHN STEWART, 4th Lord Innermeath

From: The Scots Peerage: Founded on Wood’s Edition of Sir Robert Douglas …, Volume 5
edited by James Balfour Paul
John, fourth Lord Innermeath, succeeded his father. He had a charter, under the Great Seal, 23 June 1542, of the lands of Redcastle, for which he was to pay one red rose in name of blench,5 and was in that year made one of the Extraordinary Lords of Session. He joined the association for the safety of King James vi. in 1567, and was present at his coronation. He died in January 1569-70, and his will is registered at Edinburgh. He married Elizabeth, daughter of John Betoun of Creich, who had a gift of his marriage 7 January 1536-37.
Elizabeth Betoun, Lady Innermeath, married, secondly, James Gray, son to Patrick, Lord Gray, ‘ ane young gentle man unlandit or providit of leving, in hoip that he sould have mantenit and defendit and done the dewtie of ane faithfull husband to hir in hir aige,’ ‘ but she divorced him for adultery 10 June 1581.
Issue : —
1. James, who succeeded.
2. John Stewart of Redcastle and Laitheris, second son, mentioned as flar of Laitheris 16 January 1561-62. He was one of his father’s executors, and took forcible possession of Redcastle, defending it in March 1579 against his stepfather. He was captured by Robert Erskine, flar of Dun, and in 1579 committed to the custody of Robert, Earl of Lennox. He is designed also ‘ of Baldinneis. ” A collection of Ms. poems, signed by him under the latter designation, is in the Advocates’ Library. He married Katherine, daughter of Andrew Gray of Duninald,” and died before 1607, having had a son David. He probably left descendants, as in the birthbrieve of Captain George Gardyne, Aberdeen, 1639, it is stated that ‘ The laird of Glenkindie’s mother was Isabel Stewart, daughter of the Laird of Latheris, quha was discendit of the hous of Innermeath.’
3. William.
4. Alexander.
5. Katherine or Jean, married to William Ruthven of Bandon. In the birthbrieve of the Earl of Forth and Brentford’ it is stated that his mother, Katherine, wife of William Ruthven of Bandon, was daughter of ‘ John, Lord Stewart.’
6. Marjorie, married to David Lindsay of Vayne. In 1581 she, who was one of her father’s executors, was besieged in the tower of Redcastle by Gray of Duninald.
7. Elizabeth, married to William Ochterlony of Kelly. 8. Jean,


Elizabeth was the daughter of Sir John 7th Lord of Balfour Bethune and 2nd Laird of Creich, a nephew of James Beaton, Archbishop of St Andrews and Janet (Janet le Haye) Bethune (Beaton) (Hamilton (of Arran)) Hay.

Elizabeth was one of the mistresses of King James V of Scotland. Their daughter, Lady Jean Stewart was brought up in the household of Mary of Guise (the Queen of Scotland as wife of King James V), and then briefly in the nursery of her legitimate half-brother, Prince James, the Duke of Rothesay, the infant son of King James V. Lady Jean Stewart married Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll.

Elizabeth married, firstly, John Stewart, 4th Lord Innermeath, son of Richard Stewart, 3rd Lord Innermeath and Margaret Lindsay, between January 1537 and 1540. Elizabeth and her husband John were granted lands in the parish of Inverkeilor in May 1544