JAMES STEWART B 1538 and Helen Ogilvy b

James Stewart, 5th Lord Innermeath (b. 1538 d. 1585) was a Scottish courtier and landowner.

He was the son of John Stewart, 4th Lord Innermeath and Elizabeth Beaton, daughter of David Betoun of Creich. She was a former mistress of James V of Scotland.

His younger brother was the court poet John Stewart of Baldynneis. His half-sister was Jean Stewart, Countess of Argyll.

He became Lord Innermeath on the death of his father in 1579. Innermeath in Strathearn is now called Invermay.

He claimed in July 1582 that his family had held the right to the Colonelship of the Sherrifdom of Perth for generations, but Patrick Lord Drummond had challenged this right and stole away his court documents at the Market Cross of Dunblane.

He died on the 14 February 1586.[2]

He married Helen Ogilvy, daughter of James, 4th Lord Ogilvy of Airlie. Their children included: