HERBERT I, COUNT GLEIBER b 910 and Ermentruda of Avalgau Countess b


Herbert I Count Gleiber, Kinzigau , born 0910; died 0992, son of 199. Udo von Welterau Count of Souabe and 200. Hildebrande de Vermandois .  He married Ermentruda of Avalgau Countess. Daughter of Megingoz Count in Avalgau and Gerberge of Lorraine .

Children of Herbert I Count Gleiber, Kinzigau and Ermentruda of Avalgau Countess) were as follows:

  1. Ermentrude of Gleiberg Countess , born 0980; died 6 Oct 1019 in Chteau Faubourg, Luxembourg.  She married Frederick I Count of Luxembourg , born 0967 in Luxembourg; died 21 Feb 1019, son of Siegfried.