First BLACK Families in Ireland


Title: First BLACK Families in Ireland

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Your heritage in Ireland is actually the tale of two families, the Blacks and the Eccles. This tale will focus on the Black side of the family, the Eccles will come late

John Black III. the first Black born in Ireland, was born 1620 in Ballymena, Antrim County. Not a lot is known about him but is is said that  “He was a soldier against Cromwell,” which was an uprising in 1641 of the native Irish people against the British to reclaim the property that that been taken away from them in earlier years. John married Miss Martin. who was born in an adjacent county Down.  He was 101 years old when he died in Belfast,  Ireland in 1721..

John IV was born 1647 in Belfast, Ireland.  John became a prominent merchant of Belfast, Ireland. As a young man, he did his merchant apprentice in Belfast, which took seven years. In John’s last year he was required to be a “supercargo,” which meant he was respnsible for traveling on board a ship to the West Indies, obtain a cargo, and be responsible for getting it back to Belfast, Ireland. In the 1600’s a round trip could take anywhere from three to seven months.

ship ownership/pirates/ insurance incident

cargo – what and how used

32 prominent merchants

John’s letter to the laird

John/Janes’s son console to the king

Johns/Janes’s son wine merchant in Bordeaux, France

John/Jane’s grandson was Joseph Black

He traveled to Bordeaux, France, to choose wines in 1679-80, and to Holland and the West Indies. During the Willamite War, he fled to Ayr, Scotland with his family after the “Break of Dromore,” a name given to a battle fought on March 14, 1689. The battle was fought between the Catholics and the Protestants.  From Ayr Scotland he and his family went to Belfast, Ireland on his John’s own ship.  All of his children engaged in merchandising, or married merchandisers except one. His son Charles had the honor of being King Georges Consul General at Cadiz, Spain.

John and Jane’s grandson, Joseph Black, was a world rebound chemist. He taught at ??? and developed ???. He is known as the “Father of Chemistry.”



Unlike the Eccles, who kept excellent family records, The Black family pedigree presently ends with John Black Sr. What is known is that our line of Black’s came from Scotland and were part of the Clan Lamont. The Blacks were just one of many families that joined the clan Lamont for security and safety reasons. Consequently, ????