Frederick I, Count of Luxembourg b 967 and ERMENTRUDE of GLEIBERT b 980



Generation 26

Frederick I Count of Luxembourg , born 0967 in Luxembourg; died 21 Feb 1019, son of 180. Siegfried.  He married Ermentrude of Gleiberg Countess , born 0980; died 6 Oct 1019 in Cheau Faubourg, Luxembourg, daughter of Herbert I Count Gleiber, Kinzigau and Ermentruda of Avalgau Countess) .

Children of Frederick I Count of Luxembourg and Ermentrude of Gleiberg Countess were as follows:

  1. Gisla of Luxembourg , born 1018; died 1058; buried 1058 in Chapel of St. Lawrence, Ghent.  She married Radulf van Gent , born 1009 in Normandie, France.
  2. Otgiva of Luxembourg.