Francis Skerrett b 1650 and ANSTACE MARTIN b 1654



Generation 5

Francis Skerrett, son of Marcus or Martin Skerrett and Mrs Skerret, was born 1650 in Carrownecroagh, Galway, Ireland, died on 3 Jul 1701 in Galway, Galway, Ireland about age 71, and was buried on 21 Jan 1707 in Galway, Galway, Ireland. Anstace Martin, wife of Francis Skerrett, daughter of James Jacob Martin (Reverend) and Mary Southworth, was born in 1654 in Carownecroagh, Killursa, Galway, Ireland and died on 3 Jul 1707 in Carownecroagh, Killursa, Galway, Ireland.

Children from the marriage of Francis Skerrett and Anastace Martin were:

  1. Thomas Skerrett , born abt 1676 in Carrownecroagh, Galway, Ireland.
  2. Nell Skerrett , born abt 1678.
  3. Anstace Skerrett , born abt 1682 in Carrownecroagh, Galway, Ireland.
  4. Agnes Skerrett , born abt 1684 in Carrownecroagh, Galway, Ireland.  She married abt 1705 in Carrownecroagh, Galway, Ireland Ulick Burke .
  5. James Skerrett , born abt 1686 in Carrownecroagh, Galway, Ireland; died 3 May 1741 in Ross Abbey, Galway, Ireland; buried 8 May 1741 in Ross Abbey, Galway, Ireland.  He married abt 1711 in Lisburn, Antrim, Ireland  Ellen Lynch , born 1690 in Carrownecroagh, Galway, Ireland.