Dr. Thomas Ray Gledhill saved my life










Dr. Gledhill was my grandma Minnie Snow Dastrup’s  1st cousin and my 1st cousin, two time removed. He was  the ?? first doctor in Sevier county. He made house calls day and night and sometimes don ???.  If it was not for him, I would not be writing the tale. He literly saved my life.

My grandpa John Dastrup, along with his brother, Jacob Dastrup settled  sigurd, Utah they built a home where they lived in their early years with grandma Minnies mother Sarah Gledhill. Grndpa was the first Mormon Bishop in Sigurd and had theat calling for 27 years. in ?? they moved to Richfield leaving the house for my Dad Reuben Black and my mother Mary Beatrice Dastrup Black.

Dr. Gledhill was born in Mt Pleasant, Sanpete, Utah and raised in Vermillion, Sevier, Utah, which is about four miles from where I was born and raised

Early work years

Getting and education

Medical School

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                                Relationship Report


                                  John Edward BLACK


                         Dr. Thomas Ray GLEDHILL b.1883


Dr. Thomas Ray GLEDHILL and John Edward BLACK are 1st cousins

2 times removed. Their common ancestors are Edward GLEDHILL and Betty HAGUE.

                             Lines of Descent from

                                Edward GLEDHILL


                                  Betty HAGUE

————————  /  ————  \  —————————————

Sarah GLEDHILL b.1833                  Thomas GLEDHILL b.1856

    Minnie SNOW b.1869                        Dr. Thomas Ray GLEDHILL b.1883

        Mary Beatrice DASTRUP b.1902                         

            John Edward BLACK