Amice FITZWILLIAM 4th Countess of Gloucester b.1160

Amice FITZWILLIAM 4th Countess of Gloucester was born in Feb 1160 in Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom. She died on 1 Jan 1224 in Hertford, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom. She was buried in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England.

Amice married (MRIN:3049) Richard DE CLARE 3rd Earl of Hertford, son of Roger DE CLARE 2nd Earl of Hertford and Maud DE ST HILARY (MRIN:3057), about 1180 in of, Tunbridge Castle, Kent, England. Richard was born in 1153 in Tonbridge, Kent, England, United Kingdom. He died on 20 Dec 1218 in Tunbridge, Kent, England, United Kingdom. He was buried in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom.



Amice FitzRobert, Countess of Gloucester (c. 1160-1220), second daughter, and co-heiress, of William Fitz Robert, 2nd Earl of Gloucester, and Hawise de Beaumont.


Isabel de Clare 1178 Unknown

Gilbert de Clare 1180, Hertford, Hertfordshire 25 Oct 1230 5th Earl of Hertford and 4th Earl of Gloucester, (or 1st Earl of Gloucester)

Maud (Matilda) de Clare 1184, Lincoln, Lincolnshire 1213 Married in 1206 Sir William de Braose, son of William de Braose and Maud de St. Valery.

Richard de Clare 1184, Hertford 4 Mar 1228, London

Joane de Clare 1184, Hertford Unknown

William Fitz Robert, 2nd Earl of Gloucester married Hawise de Beaumont of Leicester, daughter of Robert de Beaumont, 2nd Earl of Leicester and Amica de Gael and had children:

1.Robert FitzRobert (1151, Cardiff, Glamorganshire – 1166 Unmd Vp, Cardiff, Glamorganshire).

2.Hadwisa/Avisa of Gloucester (circa 1152 – 1189). Married[1] Geoffrey FitzPiers, Earl of Essex de Mandeville, son of Piers de Lutegareshale and Lady Maud de Mandeville of Costow.

3.Mabel FitzRobert of Gloucester (b. 1155); married 1.Amaury V de Montfort 2.Gruffudd ap Ifor Bach.

4.Amice FitzRobert, Countess of Gloucester (b. 1160, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire). Married Richard de Clare, 4th Earl of Hertford.

5.Isabel of Gloucester (b. 1170, Gloucester). She was married three times:

    1.Prince John
    2.Geoffrey FitzGeoffrey de Mandeville, 2nd Earl of Essex.
    3.Hubert de Burgh, 1st Earl of Kent.

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Mother of,_5th_Earl_of_Gloucester Amice of Gloucester, Countess of Clare

Second daughter and co-heiress of William FitzRobert, 2nd Earl of Gloucester and Hawise de Beaumont, granddaughter of Robert de Caen and Mabel FitzHamon, Sir Robert de Beaumont Earl of Leicester and Amice de Waiet.

Wife of Sir Richard de Clare, son and heir of Roger FitzRichard de Clare, 2nd Earl of Hertford and Maud Saint Hilary. They had four sons and three daughters: Sir Gilbert Earl of Gloucester and Herford Richard, murdered in London, 1228 Roger, died on his way back from the Holy Land Henry, in the service of the king Maud, wife of William de Brewes Joan, wife of Rhys Gryg unknown daughter

When Richard and Amice were ordered to separate due to consanguinity before 1198, Amice took her possession of her maritagium of Sudbury, and records indicate they were considered divorced as she was recorded as the former wife of Clare. They reconciled by the pope as Amice used the title “Countess of Clare” again.

Amice became the sole heir to her father at her sister, Isabel, Countess of Gloucester’s death in 1217.

Sir Richard died between Oct 30 and Nov 28 of 1217, and Amice had her husband’s body carried to Tewkesbury Abbey to be buried in the choir of the Abbey. Her charters make no mention of her husband, only that of her son, and she gave free alms as a widow to Clare Priory.

Additional Source supports much of above mentioned claims: