Walter Stewart b and MARJORIE, PRINCESS of SCOTLAND b 1297

Walter Stewart (c.1296 – 9 April 1327 at Bathgate Castle) was the 6th hereditary High Steward of Scotland. He was also the father of King Robert II of Scotland. He was the son of James Stewart, 5th High Steward of Scotland by his spouse Gilles (or Egidia) de Burgh, daughter of Walter de Burgh, 1st Earl of Ulster.

Walter fought on the Scottish side at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314 commanding, with Douglas, the left wing of the Scots’ Army. According to another version of events, he was the nominal leader of one of the four Scottish schiltrons, but because of his youth and inexperience, its effective leader was his cousin James Douglas, Lord of Douglas. This is, however, disputed, as some claim that there were only three Scottish schiltrons at Bannockburn.

Upon the liberation of Robert The Bruce‘s wife and daughter from their long captivity in England, the High Steward was sent to receive them at the Border and conduct them back to the Scottish Court.

During The Bruce’s absence in Ireland the High Steward and Sir James Douglas managed government affairs and spent much time defending the Scottish Borders. Upon the capture of Berwick-upon-Tweed from the English in 1318 he got command of the town which, on 24 July 1319 was laid siege to by King Edward II of England. Several of the siege engines were destroyed by the Scots’ garrison and the Steward suddenly rushed in force from the town to beat off the enemy. In 1322, with Douglas and Randolph, he made an attempt to surprise the English King at Byland Abbey, near Malton, Yorkshire. Edward, however, escaped, pursued towards York by The Steward and 500 horsemen.

Walter married, in 1315, Marjorie, only daughter of Robert I of Scotland by his first wife Isabella of Mar. The Lordship of Largs, forfeited by John Balliol, was bestowed upon Walter by Robert the Bruce, who also granted the Farme Castle estate in Rutherglen to him, as well as other lands and the feudal barony of Bathgate, Linlithgowshire. Walter and Marjorie had one son:

  1. Robert II of Scotland

Walter later married Isabel de Graham, daughter of Sir John Graham of Abercorn and Mary of Strathearn. They had three children: [9]

  1. John Stewart of Ralston
  2. Andrew Stewart
  3. Egidia Stewart. She married 1) James Lindsay of Cranson 2) Hugh Eglinton of Ardrossan 3) James Douglas of Dalkeith and Arbroath (widower of Agnes Dunbar).,_6th_High_Steward_of_Scotland