PEPIN I, KING of ITALY b 777 and Chrothais



Generation 32

Pepin I King of Italy  “Pepin /I/” was born in 777 in Aachen, Rheinland, Preussen, Germany. He died on 8 Jul 810 in Milan, Italy. He married Chrothais.

Pepin (Carloman) King of Italy, 781-810 born with the name of Carloman (after his paternal uncle), he was renamed Pepin in 781 when he was named as king of Italy by pope Hadrian.  On his premature death in 810, Italy went soon after to his illegitimate son Bernard, who was unable to hold on to it for long.

Father: Charlemagne, d. 28 January 814, king of the Franks, Emperor.

Mother: Hildegard, d. 30 April 783, sister of count Gerold

Charlemagne, Emperor, King of the Franks b 742 and Hildegunda de Vinzgouw.