JAMES SKERRETT b 1686 and Ellen Lynch b 1690


Generation 4

James Skerrett, son of Francis Skerrett and Anstace Martin, was born 1686 in Carrownecroagh, Galway, Ireland, died on 3 Jan 1738 in Ross Abbey, Galway, Ireland about age 52, and was buried on 8 May 1741 in Ross Abbey, Galway, Ireland. James married Ellen Lynch Abt 1711 in Lisburn, Antrim, Ireland.Ellen Lynch was born in 1690 in Carrownecroagh, Killursa, Galway, Ireland.

The Skerretts were one of the original 14 Clans and were from the West of Ireland.  The were also found in County Clare.  They were to be found originally as huscared and were normans, who eventually came over from england to colonise ireland. they consequently ruled as merchants and only inter-married with the other tribes. The name Skerrett is a form of the hereditary name, it is an occupational surname, a form more common to the Anglo-Normans Occupational surnames derived from a word describing the actual job done by the bearer. Medieval scribes and church officials often spelled the name Skerret as it sounded to them.  As a result, the name Skerrett, over the ages, has attained many spelling variations including Skerrit, Skierratt, Skerrett, Skerit, Skeret, and many more.  First found in Devon, where they held a family seat after the Norman conquest in 1066 A.D.  They were conjecturally descended from Alfred le Breton, who was granted the lands by William the conqueror, and was Lord of the manor of Petertavy in Devon.

Children from the marriage of James Skerrett and Ellen Lynch were:

1. Francis Skerrett was born Abt Abt 1712 in Carrownecroagh, Galway, Ireland.

2. Miss Skerrett was born Abt Abt 1716 in Carrownecroagh, Galway, Ireland.

3. Michael Skerrett was born Abt Abt 1719 in Carrownecroagh, Galway, Ireland

4. John Skerrett was born Abt Abt 1722 in Carrownecroagh, Galway, Ireland.

5. Catherine Skerrett , born 1724 in Carrownecroagh, Galway, Ireland; christened 1724 in Carrownecroagh, Galway, Ireland; died 1796.  She married abt 1760 James Gardiner , born abt 1724 in Lisburn, Antrim, Ireland; christened in Belfast, Antrim, Ireland; died in Lisburn, Antrim, Ireland.


County Galaway, Ireland