HERBERT I, COUNT of VERMANDOIS b 848 and Bertha de Morvois b



Generation 29

Herbert I of Vermandois born 848 died 907, Count of Vermandois, lord of Senlis, of Peronne and of Saint Quentin, was the son of Pepin of Vermandois. He married Bertha de Morvois. They had the following children:

  1. Herbert II of Vermandois (c. 880-943)
  2. Beatrice of Vermandois (c. 880-931), married King Robert I of France.
  3. Cunigunde of Vermandois (d. 943)
  4. Adele of Vermandois
  5. Berenger of Vermandois, Count of Bayeaux whose grandson was Conan I of Rennes.

Children of Herbert I Count of Vermandois and Beatrice de Morvois were as follows:

  1. Hildebrande17 de Vermandois , born 0882 in Vermandois, Normandy, France; died 12 Dec 0949.  She married Udo von Welterau Count of Souabe , born 0885 in Schwaben, Bavaria, Germany; died 2 Dec 0949, son of Gebhard Duke of Lorraine .