Temple and Family History Consultant/Helper

“If I were a bishop, Primary leader, youth leader, parent, or anyone else who loves a child and wants to see him or her stay on the covenant path with the end in mind, one of my best friends would be the ward temple and family history consultant.” —Elder Dale G. Renlund of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

As a temple and family history consultant, or helper, you help individuals and families increase their love of family and build connections to their ancestors and our Heavenly Father through personalized family history experiences. By assisting others, you will help them discover the stories of their ancestors, gather their information into the Family Tree, and connect eternal families through sacred temple ordinances.

It is important to be in the spirit when you perform the lord’s work. To this end, I would like to share with you two short videos. The first is a video where Sister and President Nelson Talk about “sacrifice” and the second is “Gatherers in the Kingdom.”

A sacrifice of Time:

Gatherers in the Kingdom:


Heavenly Father Wants His Children to Return to Him. The Atonement of Jesus Christ assures each of us that we will be resurrected and live forever. But if we are to live forever with our families in Heavenly Father’s presence, we must do all that the Savior commands us to do. This includes being baptized and confirmed and receiving the ordinances of the temple. We need to do these same ordinances for those members of the family who have gone on before us without having had these opportunities

Welcome to FamilySearch.


When you are called as a Temple and Family History Consultant it is assumed you have a working knowledge of FamilySearch. If this is not the case, please let me know and I will be very happy to work with you in overcoming this shortfall. It is important to note that you do not need to be a consultant to provide help to anyone that requests it. To this end, FamilySearch has features that allows anyone to be a “Helper.” Whether you are a consultant of a helper,  One of the main objectives  is to  connect eternal families through sacred temple ordinances. 

I have put together a few videos that you might find helpful in performing your Consultant calling:

Temple and Family History Planner

You do not need to be set apart as a Temple and Family History consultant to use the consultant planner. This feature is available to anyone signed on to FamilySearch. If you have a friend in the church that you would like to help with their temple and family history work, this is a wonderful app to start out with. Following is a video showing how to use this planner:

Basic Family Search Tools

To accomplish the objective of performing temple ordinances, I would like to share an app that will allow you to search for family members that need their Temple ordinances done.  This app operates on Apple and Android handheld devices and take advantage of the latest technology. Following is a video showing how the app works:

Following is a video that shows how you request temple ordinances on FamilySearch:

Following is a video showing how you can use FamilySearch partners to search for new family members. These third party apps are loaded with family information maintained by non LDS genealogists.

Temple and Family History work is a labor of love where each member determines his or her own level of participation. However, I would appreciate occasional updates so I can keep the ward leadership appraised of what is going on. 

I am available at any time to provide the help and assistance you might need.

John Black

(502) 640 8828