BALDWIN IV, “Fair Beard,” Count of Flanders b 980 and Otgiva of Luxemburg b

 Baldwin IV “Fair Beard”16 Count of Valenciennes Flanders , born 0967; died 30 May 1035 in Flanders, Belgium, son of Arnulf II Count of Flanders  and Rosala of Italy.  He married  Otgiva of Luxemburg (—) , born 0980; died 21 Feb 1029 in Flanders, Belgium; buried 21 Feb 1029 in Flanders, Belgium.

Baldwin IV of Flanders was Count of Flanders from 988 until his death. He was the son of Arnulf II, Count of Flanders. His mother was Rozala of Lombardy.

In contrast to his predecessors Baldwin turned his attention to the east and north, leaving the southern part of his territory in the hands of his vassals the counts of Gunes, Hesdin, and St. Pol.

To the north of the county Baldwin was given Zeeland as a fief by the Holy Roman Emperor Henry II, while on the right bank of the Scheldt river he received Valenciennes (1013) and parts of the Cambresis and Hainaut.

In the French territories of the count of Flanders, the supremacy of the Baldwin remained unchallenged. They organized a great deal of colonization of marshland along the coastline of Flanders and enlarged the harbour and city of Brugge.

Baldwin first married Ogive of Luxembourg, daughter of Frederick of Luxembourg, by whom he had a son and heir Baldwin V.

He later married Eleanor of Normandy, daughter of Richard II of Normandy, by whom he had at least one daughter Judith who married Tostig Godwinson and Welf I, Duke of Bavaria.

His granddaughter, Matilda of Flanders, would go on to marry William the Conqueror, therefore starting the line of Anglo-Norman Kings of England.

Children of Baldwin IV “Fair Beard” Count of Valenciennes Flanders and Ogive of Luxemburg (—) were as follows:

174 i Baldwin V15 Count of Flanders , born 1012 in Flanders, Belgium; died 1 Sep 1067 in Lille, Antwerpen, Belgium; buried 1 Sep 1067 in Lille, Nord, France.  He married Adelaide de France , born 1003 in France; died 8 Jan 1079 in Monastere De L’Ordre, De St, daughter of Robert II King of France  and Constance de Touleouse Talliefer of Provence .,_Count_of_Flanders