ARNULF II, the young” De FLANDERS b 951

Arnulf II “the Young” DE FLANDERS Count of Flanders was born in Dec 961 in East Flanders (Oost-Vlaanderen), Belgium. He died on 25 Mar 965.

He was the son of Baldwin III of Flanders and Mathilde Billung of Saxony, daughter of Herman, Duke of Saxony.[1][2] His father Baldwin III died in 962, when Arnulf was just an infant, whilst Arnulf’s grandfather, Arnulf I, was still alive.[2] When Arnulf I died three years later (965), the regency was held by his kinsman Baldwin Balso, who died in 973.[3]

By the time Arnulf attained his majority in 976, Flanders had lost some of the southern territory acquired by Arnulf I.[3] The latter had given some parts of Picardy to King Lothar of France to help assure his grandson’s succession, and gave Boulogne as a fief to another relative.[3] Then early in Arnulf’s minority Lothar had taken Ponthieu and given it to Hugh Capet, and the first counts of Guînes had established themselves.[3] Arnulf died on 30 March 987 at age 26.[4] Shortly after Arnulf’s death his widow married Robert II, King of France as his first wife 

In 976, he married Rozala of Italy, daughter of Berengar II of Italy,[5] and had two children:

Baldwin IV (980–1035), who succeeded his father.[5] He married twice and fathered Baldwin V, Count of Flanders.

Mathilde, who died before 995.,_Count_of_Flanders